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My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2

Original Title:

동네변호사 조들호

Year: 2016 Seasons: 2 Episodes: 24
Cast: Choi Jae-Hwan, Jang So-yeon, Jo Han-chul, Kang Shin-il, Kim Dong-jun, Park Shin-yang, Park Sol-mi, Park Won-sang, Ryu Soo-young


Once a distinguished prosecutor, Joe Deul Ho had re-emerged as the hero of the low-class by arising triumphant in the battle to defend the justice for the weak. Nevertheless, he is met with another trial of fate while cruising on the orbit of success by persevering to be victorious in the court that is drenched with conspiracy, deceit, and corruption. Wandering aimlessly after receiving another blow of loss and regret, he soon apprehends the need to withstand a threat in a scale over and above the boundaries of a small town. In the battle that is sharply divided by good and evil, he is given another challenge to discover the truth behind the mystery of the murder of a close friend and the overhanging force of evil, unlike the kind he had faced before. Joe Deul Ho heralds the second act of his life that will require a closer examination of the cause over the effect well beyond the conventional fight for justice.

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