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Bride of the Water God

Bride of the Water God

Original Title:

하백의 신부

Year: 2017 Seasons: 1 Episodes: 16
Cast: Bae Noo-ri, Choi Woo-Ri, Gong Myung, Krystal Jung, Lim Ju-hwan, Nam Joo-hyuk, Shin Se-kyung


Villagers are suffering through a prolonged drought. The god of water, Ha-Baek, can allow rain but only if a a young woman is offered to him as a bride. From amongst the villagers, So-A decides to become Ha-Baek’s bride. When she finally meets him, he is completely different from what she expected. Adaptation of the romance manhwa by Yoon Mi-Kyung under the same name, which ran from 2006 til 2014.

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