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Memoir of a Murderer

Memoir of a Murderer

Original Title:

살인자의 기억법

Year: 2017 Duration: 118 min
Diretor: Won Shin-Yeon
Cast: Choi Yoo-song, Hwang Seok-jeong, Jo Jae-yoon, Kil Hae-yeon, Kim Min-jae, Kim Nam-gil, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Byung-joon, Oh Dal-su, Sol Kyung-gu


A former serial killer Byung-su gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and when a series of murders occur near his town, he worries whether the killings are his doings. Then, he comes across Tae-ju and realizes that he’s the killer. He reports this to the police, only to learn that Tae-ju is one. Byung-su tries to find evidence against Tae-ju, only to raise the young killer’s interest on him and his dear daughter.

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