Since several people are asking — Kizibox is NOT an official licensed website. Therefore, if we open the site for everyone we would have legal issues, which is why we would like to keep the site as private as possible to avoid such mentioned issues. Donations are used to pay: Website Hosting, Video Server and dedicated people who work in this project.

Why is Registration Closed?

Kizibox was made for a certain amount of members, if the registration is closed It’s because we’ve reached that amount of members. We do open registration from time to time so stay tuned! Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How to watch the videos?

You can stream the videos on web page with a registered account.

2. How do I log out from the Kizibox account?

From the Kizibox web page, mouse over your profile picture located at the top right corner. Click on the “Log Out” link in the menu.

3. I forgot my password, how do I retrieve my password?

Visit the Kizibox web page and click on “Login” located at the top right of the page. Click on “Forgot Password”.

4. Why go Kizibox membership?

You can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges. You would also support us.

5. Why are certain series incomplete?

Due to content licensing rights, there could be certain episodes that are not available.

6. When will the programmes be updated?

New Korean dramas series and popular variety shows are available from as fast as 8 hoursafter its original telecast.

7. Why is the quality of the videos so bad?

The display quality of the videos may vary from device to device and may be affected by a variety of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available and/or speed of your Internet connection. The minimum download speed is 1 Mbps while recommended is 3 Mbps.

8. Why is the video streaming not smooth?

Please ensure that your Internet connection is stable. Please do not upload or download any items during streaming to avoid affecting the video server speed. If your computer is connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi, check if the Wi-Fi signal is normal. At the same time, connection speed may be affected if too many users are connected to the same Wi-Fi router at the same time.

9.What should I do if a technical problem occurs when viewing?

Refresh the page to see if the same problem occurs. If the problem is not resolved, please note down the error information shown on the page and contact us.

10. Can I use the same user account to watch different videos on different devices at the same time?

Yes, you can.

Kizibox Membership

1. Is Kizibox membership chargeable?

Yes, Kizibox is a paid service. With Kizibox membership, you can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges. Also, would help us to keep the site afloat.

2.If I cancel mid of month, will I be charged a full month?

Yes, we do not have a refund or pro-rated policy as our billing cycles goes on a monthly basis. As long as you cancel before the billing date, you can continue to enjoy Kizibox membership till that date and will not be charged for the subsequent month.

3. Is there a student discount?

Unfortunately, there is no student discount at the moment. Stay tuned for promotions in the future!

4.Can my account be shared?

For Kizibox members You can log in to 3 mobile devices and 3 PC at the same time.

5. How do I cancel my Kizibox membership subscription?

Contact us directly.

6. Will I get any refund if the Kizibox service fails on me?

Unfortunately, we do not have any refund policy. But be rest assured that we will do our best to resolve any technical issues as soon as we can. If you encounter any issues, kindly contact us.

7. I did not manage to utilize the Kizibox service frequently. Can I pause my subscription or can I get any refund for partial-month membership?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any pausing of subscription. Neither do we have any refund policy for unwatched videos or partial-month membership. To enjoy more exclusive privileges such as unlimited downloads, subscribe to Kizibox membership.